Our vision is to be asthetically pleasing and young at heart, so we can provide our clientele with unique trend setting fashion. We aim to continue promoting new designers but also meet with renowned fashion houses and brand names to further advance the status they embody. Our experience and expertise in the high fashion business allows us to cooperate with globally famous fashion brands and thus maintain our competitive edge in the fashion scene. Our goal is to be established as a point of reference of high aesthetic clothing and style all over Greece and abroad.


We provide exclusive service for every client.
Our goal is to provide a memorable experience that will be shared with others and satisfy the customer’s expectations to the fullest.
We also offer a customized shopper experience, for those clients that require an individualized consultation upon request. Our service includes style consultants on fashion trends and inspirational ideas on how to revamp their style.

We organize fashion and theme events, focused around our merchandise characterized by our diverse/global approach to style and wear.
Our team consists of skilled employees.
Experienced in providing exceptional service.

Owner & Manager of Times

Fashion has been a part of my experience from an early age. My influences draw from the multicultural and colorful aesthetics of South Africa where I was born. The intrinsic motivation to express my creativity inspired me to start my import company in 1998. I have developed and continue to successfully expand the brand. I am involved in every aspect of the business. My team is composed of experienced stylists who share my vision, philosophy and values.


Times is the first choice for sustainable fashion. We provide convenience and easy access to customer-valued solutions. Our brands reflect social responsibility towards environmental consciousness and ethical standards. The quality of life for our customers, our associates and the community matters to us.

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